webRTC Solution

WebRTC (where RTC stands for Real-Time Communications) is a technology that enables audio/video streaming and data sharing between browsers. A WebRTC-enabled browser allows users to place a call, participate in multi-party video and audio conferencing, and engage in screen sharing collaboration.

Reasons of Building a WebRTC Application

Ease of use

Real-time communication is supported without the need for additional applications or plug-ins.


WebRTC enforces the usage of encryption for both the media and the signalling. Thereby, WebRTC provides a higher security level than most currently available commercial telephony systems.

Mobile Telephony

By relying on WebRTC technology, service providers can enable users to access their VoIP service while on the go without specialised applications.

Hosted Services

By deploying a WebRTC gateway end users would be able to access the SIP based hosted PBX and call centers without the need to change these services.

WebRTC opportunities