Mobile Dialer or SIP Dialer Development

Capanicus is a leading provider of mobile dialers or sip dialers for their voip domain clients. We do customized development of dialers for IOS, Android and Window platforms with flexible design as per client need and satistfaction. Mobile dialer can be integrated with your exisiting sip server or new setup can be done for both front end and backend.

Some of the popular features which have been implemented are:

  • VoIP Calls using 3G, 4G & Wi-Fi Internet
  • Hold, mute, speaker, keypad display
  • Phonebook integration and ability to call/chat from phonebook directly
  • VPN Tunneling to pass through any firewall or blocked network
  • Call Through and Conference Calling
  • Support for G729, G711, ulaw, alaw, video codecs
  • Social networking with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc
  • 1-1 Chat and Group Chat
  • Ability to Share File, audio, video, location. Emoticons during chat
  • Free/Paid Ads integration for revenue generation

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