Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Video conferencing application development and video chat apps are in huge demand. In March, video conferencing apps hold a record of 62 million downloads. This is coz businesses shift to remote working to limit the spread of the virus. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has modified the rules for companies of video-conferencing tools and other audio-visual tools for meetings to minimize the impact of COVID-19.

Zoom was the most downloaded app in the COVID-19 period. Social distancing also means that people has to move their social lives online. Companies that has already used a video-conferencing solution has extended coverage throughout the organizations while some companies using the video-conferencing for the first time. The use of these technologies has been more noteworthy in the government and education sector as generally they are considered as technology laggards,

Various public service officials at Central government and State governments are using video-conferencing tools to manage the pandemic situation and also make sure that supplies of essential goods are available. During this period, Telehealth apps are providing its services to treat patients remotely and guide them to cope up with the virus. In these apps, video-conferencing plays a major role as it helps patient-doctor to interact with each other without any physical interaction.

New Video Conferencing Software Development are also hitting the market to make people comfortable with online services. The biggest barrier to the growth of video-conferencing is employee reluctance to take the first step and make that first click. Now, COVID-19 has forced the hand of millions and home -working has allowed them to become accustomed to being on camera. The cultural shift has begun.

As we all are aware that the number of COVID-19 cases around the world is rising day by day. Though lots of sectors cannot resume their businesses operations from their homes, some industries can leverage video conferencing technology to run their businesses smoothly.

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