WebRTC Services Includes

We provide WebRTC facilitated Video Conferencing Apps, Online Meeting Platform Development, Webinar Apps Development, Virtual
Classrooms or Online Tutoring Apps Development, Video consulting apps for healthcare, finance, business and other industries.

Video & Audio Calls

WebRTC is mostly getting used in browser based
audio/video calls

Video & Audio Conference

WebRTC is one of the most popular choice for browser
based video conferencing

File Transfer & Screen Sharing

Enjoy hassle free file/doc transfer and share your screen
with participants.

Instant Messaging & Data Exchange

Call, Chat, Media, Data exchange all at one place using

Live Video Streaming

Create your own live streaming application or integrate
with existing infrastructure using WebRTC low latency

Webinar & Event Broadcasting

WebRTC enables sending voice, video, and other data
directly across browsers in real time making it popular for
video Streaming

WebRTC softwares and products we are proficient with are

Custom third-party integration

TokBox, Twilio, Vidyo, red5

Server-side RTC development

Kurento, Jitsi, XirSys, Janus

Auto Scaling & Geo Scaling Server Architecture

Live Recording


We develop online meeting platforms using the latest communication technologies. We provide development for all platforms like Browsers, Desktop and Smartphones. Some of the features at a glance are :-

Audio Calls

video collaboration

Chat and Group Chat

Meeting Recording

Screen Sharing


Webinar is a video conferencing tool that allows a presenter to broadcast audio, video, and sometimes screen shares with an audience. Our Webinar development platform allow users to attend live webinars and go live with other users. Some of the features we provide are :-


Raise Questions

Cast Polls

Communicate with Hosts etc.


A complete package to run your school online or virtually. The instructors teach, and the participants learn in real-time, face-to-face. The programs we develop are compatible with all platforms like smart TVs, desktop or mobile

Audio/Video conferencing

Real-time text chat

Interactive online whiteboard

Teacher tools and controls

Class Recording


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We love reading, researching, and writing a lot of stuff about technology, current trends, and other technology-related things.
Explore our writings where we have shared our technological insights.

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Video streaming application development
By Capanicus April 27, 2022

Live streaming has taken over the world in today’s industry. Video streaming is an app that allows the user to continuously record and transmit video. Due to the high internet and advanced camera technologies, the number of live video streaming apps has increased in recent years.

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Coming Trends in e-commerce
By Capanicus December 28, 2020

We could rhapsodize about how far e-commerce has come in the last decade or two, but at the end of the day, what you care about is where e-commerce is now and where we’re going. Many new technologies and trends are emerging every day, which changes the way people shop. As an e-commerce business owner, if you want to succeed in the retail industry, you have to acquaint yourself with new trends.

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By Capanicus November 23, 2020

As technology evolves, it enables even faster change and progress, causing an acceleration of the change of rate, until eventually, it will become exponential. Here are some technologies that can change the market soon.

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By Capanicus August 13, 2020

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Video conferencing application development and video chat apps are in huge demand. In March, video conferencing apps hold a record of 62 million downloads. This is because businesses shift to remote work

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