WebRTC Softwares and Application Development

Capanicus as a leading WebRTC software and applications development company has years of experience in developing powerful, scalable and flexible web and mobile apps using open-source native WebRTC libraries as well as Full Stack WebRTC tools 

We develop WebRTC facilitated video conference apps, online meeting tools, webinar apps, virtual classrooms, video consulting apps for healthcare, finance, business and other industries. 

WebRTC Features and Functionality


Video & Audio Calls

WebRTC is mostly getting used in browser based audio/video calls


Video & Audio Conference

WebRTC is one of the most popular choice for browser based video conferencing


File Transfer & Screen Sharing

Enjoy hassle free file/doc transfer and share your screen with participants.


Instant Messaging & Data Exchange

Call, Chat, Media, Data exchange all at one place using WebRTC


Live Video Streaming

Create your own live streaming application or integrate with existing infrastructure using WebRTC low latency streaming


Webinar & Event Broadcasting

WebRTC enables sending voice, video, and other data directly across browsers in real time making it popular for video Streaming

Our Expertise

  • Custom third-party integration
  • TokBox, Twilio, Vidyo, red5
  • Server-side RTC development
  • Kurento, Jitsi, XirSys, Janus
  • Video conferencing and chat customization

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