Digital Health Service- Telehealth

Telehealth refers to the collaboration of activities used to provide services at a distance or without direct physical contact with the patient. In this pandemic, it comes as a gift for the needy ones. No one could have predicted the extraordinary growth of telehealth in Telemedicine app development the last two months. Almost every clinic is using telehealth services to flatten the Corona virus curve. Experts are working day and night to cope with this condition and to provide services on fast rates.

The services are delivered with the help of several technologies like video and audio conferencing, health (mobile health), RPM (remote patient monitoring), store and forward technologies, and digital photography.

Telehealth can unite several medical Telemedicine platform development organizations into one virtual network, led by the central clinic. This network consists of physical locations which include locations of state and private clinics, central and remote clinics, physician private offices, rehab centers, and prevention centers, and all registered patients within their locations. Telehealth allows doctors to check and attend their patients by following the guidelines in this COVID-19.

Act as a safeguard- These services can be provided through different devices like mobile phones, computers, and tablets. Telehealth services eliminate the exposure risk inherent in an in-person clinic visit. Interaction of doctor-patient can still occur Telemedicine Software development despite stay-at-home and distancing orders. Provides care to the patients where the unavailability of the health services. By telehealth, it is easy to monitor the patients recovering from COVID-19 after discharge from the hospital.

Telehealth is also playing a crucial role in mental health services. The services are provided to the clinical teams having a high risk of mental distress due to exposure to the infected patients. Telehealth mental services are implemented in some countries which include supervision, counseling training, and psycho education for people who test positive for COVID-19.Telehealth services can also help in conserving medical supplies.

Telehealth services are providing a unique Telemedicine application development way to serve people without making any physical interaction. Capanicus is also dealing with such types of apps that enhance the experience of users and helps to deal with this pandemic. Let’s cope with this situation together and lead a healthy life.

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