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Be the Master of Streaming Media

We all are well known to Media. But the question is, what is streaming media? Well, in streaming media, video or audio content is sent in the compressed form over the Internet and played immediately rather than being saved to the hard drive. With streaming media, a user does not have to wait to download a file to play it. Because the media is sent in a continuous stream of data and it can play as it arrives. Two types of Streaming media are there:- Live Streaming– Live streaming is the broadcasting of real-time, live video to an audience over
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Microsoft Azure Application Development Services

What Is Microsoft Azure? Microsoft is a cloud computing ever-expanding service created by Microsoft for designing, deploying, testing and managing application through a global network of Microsoft data center. Microsoft Azure is Platform as a service (PaaS) solution consist of 3 cloud-centric product: Windows Azure, SQL Azure, and Azure App Fabric controller. What are the Benefits of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform? There are amazing Benefits of adopting Microsoft Azure: Lightening fast: Azure allow fast deployment of applications in the cloud which increases the speed of operation functionality. They are best in the cloud platform as compared to other cloud-based

Top Advantages of WebRTC

5 ways your business can take advantage of WebRTC Top advantage of WebRTC Easy To integrate and deploy: Before WebRTC for audio and video communication people have to rely on Skype for their communication or they have to set up a full hardware-based Unified system that needs a plenty of money. WebRTC allows us to integrate audio and video directly from application or website. The main advantage of WebRTC doesn’t need any special app or service, so it can be implemented within your system with the current code. It has an open source so can be modified as per Business

What are Chatbots? Advantages of Chatbots in start-up

5 Reason to add Chatbots in start-up What is Chatbots? A Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software programmed to stimulate conversation with the user through different online platforms. They interact with users in the way the human interact online. They can answer almost all the basic question which help user find the answer for their question easily. We are at the end of 2018 and many big to small Businesses are adopting the chatbots for their company. A chatbot can help you in generating new leads, continuous communication with the lead, and help in making customer relationship better than
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Why choose VoIP over landline?

Why choose VoIP over landline? What is VoIP? Communication is the key to any Business success. A smooth and hassle-free conversation can lead you to a successful Business. Whether the conversation is internal or external you need to have the best communication system for your business. A telephony system is the basis of any communication. Earlier with landline Business communication was very expensive but the technology grown the system VoIP introduced to the world. Business VoIP system changes the way of communication. VoIP system is very easy to install and ready to use. Voice over Internet Protocol has many benefits
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What is Video Conferencing? Video Conferencing Benefits.

What Is Video conferencing? Business Benefits of Video Conferencing Video Conferencing enables us to interact with multiple people from different locations to a single screen. In video conferencing, we can also share documents, files, audio/video and other files in real time. It can be done in multiple ways, with hardware, and without hardware. We can do video conferencing just with the help of laptop/computer and if need the projector can be used for video conferencing on a large screen. In modern Business, video conferencing is essential. Advantages of Video Conferencing: In the modern world of 21st century, everything is lightning