Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom is becoming popular as modern classrooms that can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. You just need to have a willingness to learn and a good internet connection. It removes the various barriers like timing, cost, and distance. Also, it allows live interaction between the learners and tutors which makes learning more easy and comfortable.

The following factors play a major role in online teaching:-
1. Video Conferencing ( for live interaction )
2. Interactive Online Whiteboard ( to make users interact on the same online page )
3. Teacher tools and controls ( similar to the physical classroom )
4. Real-time text chat ( for clarification of doubts )
5. Library of learning materials ( for providing more structured lessons )

How to establish a virtual classroom?
For Virtual classroom, we need to compile the list of all software and hardware required for the tasks, cost and as well as reflecting on their compatibility. It is different from the traditional classroom. Therefore, one should know how the digital environment will impact the workload placed on instructors and students alike. Instructors should also know about digital techniques in learning.

Learning Management Systems ( LMS ) are there to help in providing proper learning. The teacher also needs to manage other things like assignment feedback, online chats, conferencing, and assignments feedback.
Besides, the coursework should be developed and selected with accessibility in mind to ensure that every student will be able to access the sources.

Benefits of Virtual classroom:-
1. Immediate feedback on tests
2. Effective Time Management
3. Sharpened Digital Skills
4. Access to coursework from anywhere at anytime
5. Asynchronous discussions with classmates
6. Expanded World View
7. Combination of structure and freedom

Future of Virtual Classroom:-
It is also called the future of education. Virtual classrooms have become extremely popular over the past few years. A large number of companies are coming forward to enhance the virtual class experience by developing their software. It is predicted that this software will be available on more platforms such as TV and VR devices. The students and teachers can have more interactive experience via VR headsets. This will result in interacting with more stakeholders which will impact positively in this industry.

In the coming era, the people will prefer to have a virtual classroom experience as these software applications will evolve to have its compatibility across a wider range of devices.

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