Reasons Why Call Center Companies Are Moving to VoIP


With so many advancements in communication technology, old-fashioned landline telephone systems are no longer the best choice for call centers. They all are completely switching to – Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Is it challenging to run a call center business without the use of VoIP? Maybe yes! It can be difficult to manage a call center effectively because thousands of employees handle many clients at a time. Your team needs the right tool to make the entire work smoothly otherwise they have the risk of losing the customer.

For decades, landline phones have been the primary mode of communication in both homes and businesses. In call centers, landlines were the lifeline of the company. However, traditional phones are being replaced by modern technology phones. 

Are you interested to know all about VoIP? This blog will explain why VoIP is the best choice for every call center.

What is a VoIP business phone system?

Voip Application

VoIP is a system that transforms your voice into a digital signal and sends it over an Internet connection. It has features like voicemail, virtual receptionists, call forwarding, call recording, on-hold music, voicemail-to-email, conference calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, call screening, missed alarms, and call logging. 

For small to large enterprises, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone services make good sense in conveying better communication. In fact, according to recent research, more than one-third of organizations currently use a VoIP phone system.

VoIP allows you to call from a computer, a mobile phone, or a traditional phone by connecting to a special adapter. Furthermore, wireless “hot spots” in airports, parks, and cafes allow you to connect to the Internet and enable you to use VoIP service wirelessly.  

VoIP vs Landlines


VoIP phones

Landline phones

Phone calls  Yes Yes
Nationwide long-distance Included Optional
User-to-user calls Yes PBX required
Caller ID Yes Yes
Call Waiting Yes Yes
Requires internet Yes, 100 Kbps per line No
Wireless Wi-Fi, DECT, and Bluetooth headsets are available DECT and Bluetooth headsets are available
Reliability during internet/ power outages Calls can be diverted to voicemail or another number. Calls drop or are routed to voicemail.
Technology IP telephony (SIP, TLS, and SRTP) Analog voice signals
Auto attendant Included PBX required
Phone number privacy Included Varies
Conferencing Included Three-Way Calling
Call queuing Add-on Add-on
Remote work capable Yes, softphone apps Call forwarding
Call encryption Yes (TLS & SRTP) No

How does VoIP work?

Voip App

  1. The switch or router in your local area network should be where your phone is connected.
  2. Your IP phone informs your VoIP provider to call the other party when you dial a phone number.
  3. Your VoIP provider places the call and your IP phone exchanges data packets during the call.
  4. These digital signals are converted back into audible sounds by your VoIP phone.

Switch to VoIP Today!



1. Lower prices 1. Depend on online connection 
2. Higher accessibility 2. There are no emergency calls that can be located
3. Full flexibility 3. Latency and Jitter
4. Better scalability
5. Features for large and small teams
6. Improved voice clarity facilitates multitasking
7. Enhanced adaptability with softphones

7 Amazing Reasons why call center companies are moving to VoIP

VoIP feature

  1. Auto-attendant

An auto attendant is a VoIP feature that answers phone calls and routes them to the appropriate extension. You can also use an auto attendant to route calls to another location after business hours.

If you have a business, you can use the auto attendant feature for back-to-back customers, like pressing 1 for sales inquiries and 2 for support.  It will enable you to answer incoming calls, which is a great way to present your company professionally.

2. Click-to-Dial from CRM Databases

This feature is designed for businesses that have a CRM database on their computers that stores contact information for people and other businesses. VoIP allows you to click on a phone number directly on your computer screen to initiate a call to that person without having to dial the number manually on your phone. The VoIP system will dial that number and make their desk phone ring. All you have to do is pick up the phone and wait for the other person to respond.

3. Unified Communication

VoIP facilitates seamless communication, which enhances the productivity of a company’s team. Employees can now connect with customers more easily. You can also switch calls from one mobile device to another.

Meeting via video and screen sharing allows the team to complete tasks more quickly. Unified communication makes real-time communication simpler and more organized. 

Here are some of the key features of the Unified Communication platform:

  • Instant Messaging 
  • Team meetings
  • Video conferences
  • Sharing a screen
  • Conference call

4. Time Management and Productivity

A VoIP call center solution can significantly improve your company’s communication efficiency and time management. It enables your clients to reach the right person the first time. As a result, they will not waste time transferring calls between departments in search of the person responsible. This majorly helps to increase client satisfaction and make your company appear more professional and responsible.

VoIP provides an online management portal through which you can track the overall performance of your system at any time. You can get accurate key performance indicators like the number of incoming and outgoing calls in a given time, the number of voicemails left on your system, the length of a single phone call, and more. You can also access your archived call recordings and download them to your computer.

5. Call Queuing

A call queuing feature ensures that your clients’ calls are answered even if all of your company’s lines are busy. The calls will be held in a queue until the next available agent responds. Your customers can listen to on-the-hold music while understanding how far they are in the queue and how long they will have to wait.

This feature is especially important for small businesses, which typically have a limited number of employees and may struggle to answer all incoming calls at once during peak times. You can be confident that you will not lose valuable clients due to all the busy lines.

6. Monitoring of real-time call performance

Call performance monitoring is an essential tool for improving staff performance and ensuring that your client’s requests are met on time. Our VoIP system will provide you with real-time statistics on

  • How many phones calls your staff answered today, weekly, or in a month
  • How many phone calls have they made
  • How many clients are currently waiting in line
  • How many calls your staff missed
  • The average time it takes your staff to answer a phone call

7. Calls Encrypted & Security

Business owners are concerned about VoIP call security. Telephone calls contain sensitive information such as credit card numbers and important conversations. You must safeguard these assets at all costs.

VoIP remains safe and secures your data packets while traveling anywhere. (IP) Internet Protocols phone systems have built-in security to prevent malicious activity from listening to your calls.

LS and SRTP are VoIP technologies that scramble call data, without its permission, it is impossible to collect the information. Choose a VoIP service provider that is accredited and in adherence to your industry standards. When choosing a VoIP business phone service, a requirements checklist should be checked.

  • How many data centers are there?
  • How reliable is their VoIP service?
  • Is HIPAA-compliant IP telephony available?
  • Do you have access to real-time call logs?

Smart VoIP Solutions for

Small/Medium Organizations


Food Services & Entertainment

Dentist Offices




Real Estate





Which one is your Industry?

Why Choose us as the best VoIP Service provider?

Once you’ve determined your VoIP features and needs, look for a service provider that fits your budget and can grow your business. Capanicus stands as the best VoIP service provider company in the software industry market. We also consider features like customer feedback, live help availability, and documentation. 

Here are several characteristics that you are looking for in a VoIP phone service provider:

  • Little downtime 
  • More consistency
  • Suitable with network
  • Live help available
  • Multiple data centers
  • Professional options services

You won’t even consider your old phone service once you move to VoIP. You will make more savings on your bills once you start using internet phone calls.

Capanicus provide VoIP Services that include:

  • Call Centre Software
  • Auto Dialers & Predictive Dialers
  • PBX System
  • Click2Call Widgets & System
  • Voice & SMS Broadcasting
  • DID Management
  • Web & DID Conferencing 
  • Call Billing & Invoicing
  • Mobile Dialer or VoIP Dialer

We hope that this post has answered all questions you may have if you’re thinking about shifting from a landline to a VoIP business phone system. 

At Capanicus, we help create a unified communication platform from standard phone systems so you can gain the best results with your clients. 

Making wise choices that rely on cutting-edge technology that streamlines customer service and reduces expenses can help you lead your company to great heights in 2023.

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Some FAQs about VoIP

  • Is VoIP simple to use?

VoIP is simple to set up and easy to use for personal and professional calling. You only need to activate your internet connection and you can easily connect with anyone worldwide. 

  • Is VoIP Reliable?

VoIP is more reliable than old phone technology. It has a level of trust for voice and text networks. VoIP call quality significantly improved as internet capacity grew and it is completely reliable to use.

  • Is VoIP a Software application?

Yes, VoIP is a software app for virtual communication that enables users to make/receive calls over the internet instead of using the copper wiring system of a landline PSTN network.

  • Can I fax from a VoIP number?

Yes! Using your VoIP number, you can send and receive an unlimited number of faxes.

  • What is VoIP telephony?

The term “telephony” describes a branch of technology that involves communications. With VoIP telephony, you can manage calls, texts, and online video meetings.

  • Can VoIP calls be tracked?

VoIP calls can be tracked because the call is linked to your IP address if you have a phone number registered with a VoIP service provider.

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