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What is WebRTC?

In 2011, Google created an open-source solution. A WebRTC solution that provides real-time communication (RTC) via application programming interfaces to web browsers and mobile applications (APIs).

The method of enabling real-time communication on the web is called WebRTC. In simple words, a server allows making communication between two browsers to complete a meeting.

WebRTC (Web real-time communication) is an open-source project where communication can peer from one place to another place through web browsers and mobile applications. 

WebRTC technology provides various features including audio/Video calling, chat, and file-sharing options in real time. It is more convenient to open on a desktop or mobile device by using any modern browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

This blog will cover WebRTC’s functionality as well as its advantages, drawbacks, and business use cases. 

We will discuss the following list of topics:

  • How does WebRTC work? 
  • Is WebRTC Secure?
  • Advantage of WebRTC
  • Reason to Choose WebRTC
  • How Industry can use and take benefit of WebRTC
  • Benefits of WebRTC for Business

How does WebRTC work?

  1. WebRTC uses “P2P” (Peer-to-peer)  technology to transport data directly between browsers.
  2. It can transmit real-time data, audio, or video.
  3. For browsers to communicate with one another, NAT ( Network Address Translation ) traversal methods are required.
  4. P2P (Peer-to-Peer) communication must go through a gateway server.

The three primary APIs used for WebRTC:

  • Media Stream: It gathers audio and video by using the camera and microphone on you’re device.
  • Peer Connection: Both audio and video are transmitted. Enables audio and peer-to-peer video communication. this includes opening the connection, keeping an eye on it, and turning it off.
  • Data Channel: It transmits any kind of data that allows it to be sent between peers in both directions.

Utilizing and sending audio, video, and data to other browsers or websites is made possible by these APIs.

Is WebRTC Secure?

WebRTC is the most secure audio and video calling technology currently in the market. All small, medium and large companies use the WebRTC platform to deliver their communication easily and securely.

WebRTC Service provider Company adds that level of security at the time of developing the application. This ensures that WebRTC is the best technology option for you’re present and future business goals.

Today the most popular programs are web browsers, which have advanced security and privacy capabilities. These characteristics support web application isolation, protect sensitive user data like credit card numbers, and project browser hacking for attack initiation.

When creating a WebRTC application, capanicus keep the following things in mind to make it secure:
  • Encryption of Media 

The information must be encrypted with SRTP ( Secure Real Time Protocol) before being sent between two WebRTC peers so that no one may decode the message without the correct encryption keys.

  • Secure Encryption Key Exchange 

The encryption channel must be set up securely according to WebRTC specifications to make it challenging to capture the encryption keys. The signals channel may be used by several key exchange protocols to send data. 

A third party could decode the information if the signal channel is hacked. Specific channels are utilized where keys are directly exchanged between peers to eliminate this risk.

  • Using Secure Signals

To keep the data in that countless form a secure connection is necessary between the peer client and the web server that manages signals. this makes it more challenging for a criminal to take control of the session.

  • HTTPS ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)

The use of a browser window to operate WebRTC helps its security. The most popular programs today are web browsers, which have advanced security and privacy capabilities. 

To access WebRTC functionalities, HTTPS must be used. Using the HTTPS protocol, which is now used by most websites, encrypts a single signal.

  • Rights of access to the media

Before accessing a camera, microphone, or screen-sharing video, users can actively allow authorization to individual sites.

  • Use of visual indicators

When you’re camera, microphone, and screen sharing are in use, real signs will be visible at the time of the meeting.

  • Device data list

Until the user does not provide the right information on the site, the device information will be hidden.

  • Protection from IP Leaking

Privacy and tracking concerns are reduced by giving IP address restrictions and alternatives.

  • Systems for mobile devices

Major mobile operating systems like Android and iOS adopt safeguards, additional security, and privacy which can be checked through their app store submission procedures, even when not used by an embedded browser.

Advantages of WebRTC

WebRTC applications provide a lot of advantages to the user, integrator, and developer. In previous times this type of technology and collaboration was less in the past.

Here are a few advantages of WebRTC that are given below let’s check out this:
  • WebRTC is free to use

It is free for the user because it is an open-source application programming interface. Additionally, thousands of developers are actively working on it and improving it more every second.

  •  Accessible to Anyone

WebRTC technology is available on any device and platform. To use this, you don’t require any particular software, hardware, or operating system. Any browser supports WebRTC and creates a live connection with another WebRTC-capable gadget.

  • Audio and Video Security

Anyone who uses the WebRTC services platform completely now how it provides complete security of audio and video calling at every conference. This makes a great impact on previous and new customers to use it again.

  • Stable and Secure

WebRTC platform is more logical and has fewer disadvantages as compared to other platforms. It has a wide level of security and stability performance. This is the reason why WebRTC is coming first without a doubt in the greatest option list of every business.

  • No requirement for Plugins

To make calls using a browser, the majority of real-time communication systems require a plugin. WebRTC is a kind of platform where no need to install any plugin to use the application.

Reason to Choose WebRTC

  • It enables direct connections between browsers.
  • It has more features than other apps like Zoom or Skype.
  • To process data, no additional resources, such as a server, are needed.
  • It is safe because all WebRTC components must utilize encryption and run in its browser runtime window.
  • Access to the camera and microphone must be authorized by you, lowering the possibility of random access.

How Industry can take benefit from WebRTC?

Since the invention of the Internet, communication has changed dramatically, and it keeps improving as new, better, and more secure peer-to-peer technologies. For many industries, WebRTC is a game-changer in numerous ways. 

Here are a few names of industries where large-scale companies vastly use the WebRTC platform:

  • E-Commerce

The simplicity of WebRTC communication allows direct and better communication between businesses and customers. With the use of WebRTC services, customers can use shopping websites and make video conferencing to check interactive product trials.

  • Healthcare

WebRTC has been utilized by a number of healthcare providers to increase customer interaction and deliver quick services and care. WebRTC has made a lot of things simpler, including booking online health check-ups, having video consultations with doctors, and getting same-day delivery of medications.

  • Entertainment

WebRTC has boosted online gaming, virtual reality, and smart technology. However, the entertainment sector is only now beginning to use real-time communication. However, there have been numerous examples where players have been able to communicate with one another while playing a game, proving the technology is being effectively utilized.

  • Call Centres

The main requirement for a contact center is strong online calling capability. As a result, customer experience is enhanced, IT processes are made more straightforward, and agent productivity is raised. WebRTC powers all of this and much more thanks to its seamless network situation flexibility.

  • Online Education 

Most educational institutions are now able to deliver educational training all over the world. All is possible with the use of only WebRTC technology. Teachers and students both used video conferencing to attend lessons; they refer to this as a high-priority place to complete their studies.

Benefits of WebRTC for Business

WebRTC is an excellent technology to enhance the productivity of your organization. The business world becomes more digital every year. WebRTC offers online chat capabilities as well as ensuring effective and flexible conversation in a business meeting.

Corporate communication management used to be a challenging and expensive profession. Today, thanks to these modern technologies, everyone can do video conferencing more easily and without having to spend a lot of money on hardware installations or software upgrades.

One of these new technologies, WebRTC, has completely changed global communications. Two persons can now interact in real-time through a basic browser connected to the Internet.

The customer care industry is another where WebRTC grows more. Use this technology to give specialized video and audio consultations covering product descriptions, special discounts, payment method specifics, and more if you want to expand in the eCommerce sector.

More and more people are making calls via computers, smartphones, or tablets. No one will be able to tell the difference because the quality is the same on both sides.

Wrapping Up

Now, WebRTC is already accepted by everyone. The majority of browsers and mobile operating systems for Android and iOS both support WebRTC for audio and video calling. WebRTC standards have a stable connection-establishing, security, and encryption framework.

It opens up countless prospects and possibilities and gives users the power to rapidly engage with clients in fresh ways while traveling or searching for a particular place.

WebRTC will keep growing because of its benefits over previous technologies in terms of cost, installation, and variety. And since businesses like Google and Amazon have already attested to WebRTC’s usability, it is just a matter of time before it becomes the standard for commercial communication.

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