Microsoft Azure Application Development Services

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft is a cloud computing ever-expanding service created by Microsoft for designing, deploying, testing and managing application through a global network of Microsoft data center. Microsoft Azure is Platform as a service (PaaS) solution consist of 3 cloud-centric product: Windows Azure, SQL Azure, and Azure App Fabric controller.

What are the Benefits of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform?

There are amazing Benefits of adopting Microsoft Azure:

  • Lightening fast: Azure allow fast deployment of applications in the cloud which increases the speed of operation functionality. They are best in the cloud platform as compared to other cloud-based platforms.
  • Secure: Secure login for enterprises or individuals. Easy to log in and log out. Microsoft promises the best security system.
  • Globally accessible: Using Azure as a platform allowing companies to run their application seamlessly and Microsoft has a multi-data center and platform can be modified as per need.
  • Fully integrated cloud system: We offer complete Azure solutions with customized tools as per different industries and company size.

Microsoft Azure can be used in industries like:

  • Financial Services: Customer experience is the key to success in any industry. Adding Azure in the financial industry for better customer experience and empowering your employees by making a data-driven decision.
  • Manufacturing Industry: Making a decision with the data helps you make the best decision for your company. Bring quick changes as per needed with the help of Microsoft Azure.
  • Retails: Customer in the retail industry needs to get a personal experience. Azure helps to create a personal experience with the help of data.
  • Government Sector: Azure is secure that help Govt. to secure their citizen’s data and serve them accordingly. Security is the key to any nation development.
  • Gaming & Application: Build an application or games with Azure faster and launch them on a global level. With the help of Azure, we can find the audience for application or games.

Why Choose Capanicus?

We at Capanicus, Azure Development Company design and deploy applications as per Business requirement and develop scalable mobile and computer apps using Windows Azure services. We provide Windows Azure Platform for computing and storage. WAP is amazing for hosting large application and to transfer from data center to cloud that helps in making an application run smooth and fast. We can design, test and run the software and update them on regular basis with ease. Azure development is very cost effective and all the industries are switching to cloud data center, and Azure is completing us with their properties and functionality. You can easily migrate from a data center to the cloud. We at Capanicus migrate any application to cloud with our services in Microsoft Azure Development.

You get cloud service package comprising of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) & software as a service (SaaS). Reach Capanicus, Azure Development Company

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